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Disinformation as a means of survival

The Iranian example

On Thursday March 22, 2024, a conference was held in Paris at the initiative of the Foundations for Middle East Studies (FEMO) on disinformation as a means of survival practiced by the Iranian power.

The conference began with a welcome speech from the Mayor of the 15th arrondissement of Paris, Mr. Philippe Goujon, who welcomed FEMO and underlined the aversion to the repression of Iranians by the regime in place.

The president of FEMO, Mr. Jean-François Legaret, former mayor of Paris 1st arrondissement of Paris then explained the reasons for this conference.

During this conference, competent personalities intervened to dismantle the entire disinformation apparatus of the Iranian regime against its opposition.

Ms. Ingrid Betancourt, former Colombian presidential candidate on the infiltrated networks of experts subservient to Iran

Mr. Jean-Pierre Brard, honorary deputy and co-founder of the French Committee for a Democratic Iran (CFID), on the harassment by these networks of deputies who defend the Iranian people

Mr. Gérard Vespierre, founder of Le Monde décrypté, researcher associated with FEMO, on the manipulation of figures which says a lot about the non-election in Iran,

Ms. Sara Nouri, lawyer at the Paris Bar, on the exploitation of justice for the purpose of manipulating foreign states

Each and everyone explained the instruments, methods and network made up of experts that the Iranian regime uses to brutalize Western democracies, politicians, diplomats, journalists and thus obstruct an effective policy against Tehran.


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