We could take a very bold stand and recognize Madame Rajavi as the president of NCRI

June 29, 2018

Maria S. Ryan, president of Cottage Hospital of Woodsville in New Hamphire, addressing a panel on "politics on Iran" in Paris, June 29, 2018.  

Transcript of Mrs. Maria S. Ryan remarks :  

I am not a politician. I look at it in simple terms. You know, we wrong the country historically so rich in culture, actually so progressive, and at one time adored women and women held very powerful positions and then things changed. And under this regime, hundreds of thousands of people have been executed. Basic human rights are ignored, and especially with the women, they are so oppressed. They can't ever be president, can't be a judge. Just think of it they consider a girl legal age nine. Does that mean she can get married at nine? Quite possibly. There are so many abuses going on in Iran, and I am so proud that the people are speaking up. And it does take some economic sanctions. I do believe in that. Problem is it hurts the people. It hurts the heart of the country. But the thought is you do these economic pressures and the people rise up, and they are rising up. We saw it in December, January, over 142 demonstrations. But the most impressive was the last few days ago in Tehran all those people coming out. Their economy's in shambles. The rial is not worth anything. So that's very important that it is coming from an organic source, but they are going to need help. We can continue to do economic sanctions. We can ask our European allies to go in on that line of thinking or we could take a very bold stand and recognize Madame Rajavi as the president of NCRI. Wouldn't that go a long way?

Yeah, very different thought. I do not know if it could happen, but I think the more we talk about it-just today in the New York Times, Madame Rajavi's 10 Point Plan was published. I agree with Linda. I hadn't seen a lot of it in the American newspapers about what's going on in Iran and it's a big deal. I never thought I would see North and South Korea coming together. I think we're going to see it in our lifetime for a free Iran. and it's important to us, whether you're European or American, because Iran is the number one supporter of terrorism. And the people of Iran do not want a nuclear Iran. They don't.

And I adore my president, President Trump. I think it took boldness and guts not to continue with that nuclear agreement, because it was a sham. It really was not showing where the nuclear weapons were. So I'm very proud of that bold move.

And when I look at Madame Rajavi's 10 Point Plans, it's so much like the United States, right? We want to be able to vote in a fair election. We want gender equality. We want all those things that Iran wants. And I know we're going to see it.